• Genre(s) Crime & Mystery
  • Pages 48
  • Art by Oiry
  • Script by Trondheim
  • Type Mainstream
  • Age rating 16+
  • Date of release 17/05/2017
  • Digital publication 17/05/2017
  • Series ongoing

Maggy Garrisson

1. Give Us a Smile Maggy

Script by Trondheim - Art by Oiry

Even the infamous English rain can’t dampen Maggy Garrisson’s spirits as she walks through the London streets to her first job in two years. The shabby detective agency run by a hopeless, chain-smoking alcoholic might not exactly be her cup of tea, but Maggy’s willing to make concessions. The plot thickens when her boss gets beaten unconscious, and Maggy discovers a wallet full of seemingly trivial objects. But why’s she suddenly attracting all this unwanted attention? Perhaps there’s something in that wallet that’s more than it seems…

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