• Genre(s) Crime & Mystery
  • Pages 56
  • Art by Dodier
  • Script by Dodier
  • Type Mainstream
  • Age rating 13-16 years
  • Date of release 15/03/2017
  • Digital publication 15/03/2017
  • Series ongoing

Jerome K. Jerome Bloche

2. The Recluse

Script by Dodier - Art by Dodier

When Jerome is asked by a lawyer to deliver a letter to an old man living in a village near Grenoble, he unwittingly becomes witness to a private family drama. The old man in question, Antoine Oliveira, is an ex-prisoner, convicted of a double murder. These days he lives as a recluse amongst the ruins of a village that was crossed off all official maps over thirty years ago. In this letter, written by a dying man, Antoine will find some information that it’ll be hard to face up to. For Jerome, it starts out as a routine investigation, but little by little he and Babette uncover the tragic story of a broken family, and the past of a man consumed by guilt.


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