Sylvain Dos Santos


Sylvain Dos Santos is an author and producer born in Arcachon in 1979. He started his career in advertising as a copyrighter, but he soon decided to dedicate his working life to his passion and become a children's TV scriptwriter. Going with the idea that if you want something done, you should just do it yourself, he founded I Can Fly, his very own production business assigned to getting his projects from page to screen. He had his first success in 2010 with "Baskup," a basketball series of 26x26 minutes, produced with Disney XD and sold in over 40 countries. In the years that followed, he piloted at I Can Fly the season 2 of "Baskup" and also developed several other projects, one of which was "Turboten," a comic book produced in collaboration with Jo Tsonga. It was around this time that the "Golam" project came into being (2016 Europe Comics), with the backing of the Media Participations group. In 2014 Sylvain signed for a new cartoon series with TF1, "Marblegen," with Monello production. He also established the kids rugby license "Ovalon," which later evolved into comic book format at Le Lombard. 2015 was a busy year for his projects as not only were "Golam" and "Ovalon" released with Le Lombard, but Sylvain took on the scripting for a manga project with Kana, as well as developing a new cartoon project with Disney.

Country of origin: Belgium Europe Comics Publisher: Le Lombard (Belgium)