Vanna Vinci

Artist & Scriptwriter

Vanna Vinci was born in Cagliari, Italy. She started her career in the 90’s, in the pioneering comics magazines Nova Express and Granata Press. Since then her graphic novels have been published in France, Italy and Spain by Dargaud, 24 Ore Cultura, BAO Publishing, Rizzoli Lizard, Hachette, Planeta, Nouveau Monde, Kappa Edizioni.  

She has also worked for the Italian press, such as Piccolo di Trieste, L’Unità, Linus, Io Donna, Baribal; the children’s publishers Battello a Vapore, Giunti, Einaudi Ragazzi, EL, Fabbri, Mondadori, and for institutions such as the Bologna Archaeology Museum, the Bologna and Cagliary municipalities.

She won the Yellow Kid award for best comics artist in 1999, the Gran Guinigi in 2005 and the Boscarato in 2015 for best author. In 2001, her book L’éta selvaggia (Wild age) won the Romics prize for best European work.

Vanna has taught at the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts. She now lives between Bologna and Milan.

Country of origin: France Europe Comics Publisher: Dargaud Benelux (France)