May 2, 2017

Our bestselling series by the legendary Jean Dufaux and Ana Miralles is on sale this week!!! All 13 volumes of the irresistible Djinn are sold at half price until Sunday May 7th, so hurry up!



Series synopsis

This series follows the paths of two different women, in two different eras. One is the exquisite Kim Nelson, a young English woman on a quest for a treasure she believes is rightfully hers. The other is her legendary ancestor, Jade, a djinn of the utmost expertise in the art of love, who, through the power of her body, holds the whole world in the palm of her hand. Her quest? To make her mark on the memory of the world through passing into legend. But both women must withstand many trials, and many rights of passage, in order to attain their goals. This is a series constantly in movement, migrating from Turkey and the harems of the Ottoman Empire, to Africa and the magic of ritual, to India and the glittering Pavilion of Pleasures. A captivating tribute to the power of desire, sensuality and the instinct to love.


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