March 22, 2017

The strong and the beautiful, the delicate and the bold – women make this world go round! And judging from all the incredible stories emerging today – they certainly make the world of comics go round! So here is your guide to the best comics with a strong female lead from the Europe Comics collection.

Marie CurieMarie Curie

This factual and educational comic based on the life and discoveries of Marie Curie, a major scientific figure of the 20th century, was published to mark the centenary of the the day she won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. This inspired comic is set at the time she received her second Nobel Prize, when a vicious press campaign was launched against her, denouncing her affair with the physician Paul Langevin. Through her flashbacks, we’re invited to witness the key moments of this exceptional woman’s life and work, already exceptional in its own right and even more so considering the limited presence of women in the field of research at the time.

Isabellae Isabellae V1

Her flaming red hair cuts a wide swath through feudal Japan, the medieval society in which she lives… but not as much as her sharpened swords. Isabellae, the daughter of an Irish sorceress and a master samurai, is on a journey in search of her lost sister, with the ghost of her father and some companions in misery at her side. On a quest to discover her past and vanquish her terrible memories once and for all, she leaves a shower of blood in her wake…

La CasatiCasati: the Selfish Muse

Luisa Amman was born in Milan in 1881 to a wealthy family who had made its fortune in cotton. After marrying Marquis Camillo Casati, and the birth of their only daughter, Luisa undergoes a transformation and quickly becomes one of the most eccentric women of her time. She wants to shock, to make herself into a living work of art. She befriends the beautiful people of her time, artists and celebrities: Giovanni Boldini, Augustus John, Ida Rubinstein, Jean Cocteau and Man Ray just to name a few. She lives in Rome, Venice and Paris, attending masquerade balls and living through extraordinary adventures.  She became a muse to a number of artists, who were fascinated by her famous androgynous persona…

Diary of a FemenDiary of a Femen

The FEMEN movement began in Ukraine in 2008. It has since spread throughout the world, as far as Spain, Sweden and Belgium. In France it really began to catch on when Inna Shevchenko arrived in Paris, where she sought asylum after she was deported from Ukraine. She took refuge in the “Lavoir Moderne Parisien” theatre, which has now become the training ground of FEMEN activists in France. This project is a fictional story based on real events and witness testimonies collected by the author, who has been in personal contact with FEMEN France for over 4 years. 

XwUhfJ5ce9xjI0mpSkkaXMihhNCBFVmd-couv-1200Fragments of Femininity

This is a collection of portraits of 7 women, of all different ages, backgrounds, circumstances and eras. Each one of them is facing a defining moment in her life. They are bound together by the symbol of their femininity: their breasts. We see an awkward college girl getting to grips with her womanhood; a 1960s house-wife freeing herself from the restraints of propriety; the manager of a small underwear shop fighting against corporate giants; a woman nude modeling for an unexpected reason… Love, illness, sex, liberation, sensuality: Olivier Pont draws us into the lives of these women with astounding force.

Save me PythieSave Me Pythia V1

Pythia lives in Delphi, in Ancient Greece, and between her classes at high school and her part-time job at the temple of Apollo, she leads quite a normal, boring life… until the day that she refuses Apollo’s advances and he places upon her a terrible curse. She is now able to predict the future, but whenever she sees a catastrophic event on the horizon, no one believes her warnings…

Cover banner from Fragments of Femininity © Olivier Pont / Dargaud

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